Thursday, February 3, 2011

Violent Rhetoric in America - Part XII

Attendees at a political rally call for the enslavement, lynching, torture, and dismemberment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

I love the woman near the end who thought the word "assholes" was the most offensive thing that she said...not the call to "string up" an African-American Constitutional officer....

[h/t - Hot Air]


  1. These liberal/progressives who profess to love African Americans use words straight out of the KKK lexicon: lynch, string up, dismember, send back to the (cotton) fields. The Grand Kleagle of the Klan himself couldn't have said it better. Is this the dark poison that lurks in dank recesses of the "progressive" mind? What's next, the kulaks, class enemies, the Jews?

  2. And you are just now catching on to what the Left is really about....

  3. Mr Bill - I am not now just catching on!

    Les - Remember, he isn't black...he's conservative! so it can't be racism...